January 23, 2020

House extension in Hull

A-Space were responsible for the design and building of our house extension in 2019. As I write this in January 2020 they are in the midst of another small job for us, replacing windows and door at the front of the house. My wife and I feel that we can whole-heartedly recommend them. Their main strength is the quality of their work. They have specialists in all the building trades (apart from roofing, which was sub-contracted), and we found that all of them were skilled and, what is more important, dedicated to producing a quality product as opposed to getting every job done as quickly as possible. They took pride in their work. They kept in touch with us throughout, making sure that when there were decisions to be made, we were consulted. On several occasions there were issues which the craftsman involved spotted could be improved from what had initially be intended, and we found that all of these did indeed work better. (No criticism of the architect is possible here: these matters were quite small in the overall project, and lots of minor decisions have to be made along the way as a design is implemented.) A couple of mistakes were made during the build (which is perhaps inevitable, given the complexity of the whole project), but these were corrected without demur. Indeed this is in many ways the clearest pointer to A-Space’s commitment to quality, that when things go wrong they put them right properly. We said throughout that we wanted a high quality job, in preference to a quick job, and that is what we got. Relations with all their guys (and they were all guys) were very good, they were unfailingly thoughtful and considerate. We threw a little party for them when they had finished the main works, and they came along and all admired their own work, which was nice!

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